This page is oriented to the system engineer planning a radio application with EtherNudge.
For this we included:

  • a system design guide
  • relevant calculation tools
  • links to various vendors of complementary equipment (i.e. antennas, booster, etc.)
  • links to relevant background material

We hope you find this area of the website usefull and look forward to any feedback that can improve and enrich it!

Tool: Egli Calculator

The Egli model is positioned for rural terrain, with hills up to 15 m hight and based on a study done in the USA.

Path-loss = 117 + 40* log(distance) + 20*log(frequency) - 20*log (Height-Tx * Height-Rx)

Path-loss is the attenuation in dB that is expected for a given distance, frequency and antenna heights.

Fill in the values to calculate the propagation loss or else enter an acceptable propagation loss to calculate the maximum transmission distance.

A - Attenuation (dB)

D - Transmission distance

Ht - Antenna height

F - Frequency


Hr - Antenna height

Tool: Watt to dBm Calculator

This page converts between two common units for radio power - Watts (W) and Decibel "milliwatts" (dBm) dBm= 10*log10(W/ 0.001)

dBm - Decibels

W - Watts