ModulaTeam, a German company, designs, develops, manufactures and markets the newest and most innovative solutions in Data Modem technology. Founded in January 2013, with key personnel and the assets of several leading German high-tech companies, the management and design teams at ModulaTeam have over 100 years of R&D experience in the fields of modems, security and encryption.

The company is active in the communications field using narrow band modulation serving a market that focuses on distance and reliability. All products are developed and manufactured in-house utilizing custom technologies and maintaining the highest level of quality in supporting various industries such as public/national security, law enforcement, oil, gas, mining, transportation, telecom, enterprise and governmental services.

ModulaTeam is a high tech business with a high diversification ratio of markets, customers and regions, and targeting a high growth market driven by an experienced management team. A proven leader in the data communication market, ModulaTeam is committed to provide products with unparalleled performance close to the theoretical and physical limits, maintain exceptional quality, and a dedicated level of customer service and support.

Executive Team

Hubert Kukla has many years of experience in developing and managing high tech companies in the area of security and communication. As the CTO of Voda Communications, active in the field of Secure Voice and Data Communication, he was responsible for the development of systems for cable and wireless communications. Subsequently, he joined BetaResearch, a Kirch Group company, where he was responsible for design and implementation of a new generation of a DVB Conditional Access system for Premiere (currently Sky Germany). In 2003, he founded Comvenient, a DVB CA company. As Managing Director, he led Comvenient till 2011 when it was acquired by Verimatrix, Inc. a leading company for Content Security located in San Diego, California. He served as the Executive VP of Strategic Initiatives at Verimatrix, Inc. and as Managing Director of Verimatrix Germany. Hubert Kukla holds a German Masters Degree of Computer Science (Dipl. Inf) of the University of Kaiserslautern.

Dr. Ingo Barth has many years of experience in designing, implementing, integrating, and deploying end-2-end systems with a focus on communication and security as well as in defining abstraction layers to allow for easy integration of multiple parts from different contributors to form a large end-2-end system. After an employment as an assistant professor at the University of Stuttgart, he joined BetaResearch GmbH – a company of KirchGruppe – where he was part of the team that launched the digital pay-TV system of Kirch Gruppe in 1996. At BetaResearch he finally was responsible for the development of all aspects of the DVB Pay-TV infrastructure, such as headend, conditional access and set top boxes, including OTA-upgrade functionality. Together with Hubert Kukla he started Comvenient GmbH in 2003, where he was responsible for all technical development including the card-lees DVB CA systems. His ability to define abstraction layers in complex systems and divide into reasonable work packages allowed Comvenient to integrate systems in an easy and very efficient way. When Verimatrix Inc bought Comvenient in 2011 he worked as VP Technology within the CTO office in San Diego, CA where he addressed the convergence of the different pay-TV-solutions (DVB, IPTV, OTT) onto a common platform as well as all new developments. Dr. Ingo Barth holds a doctorate degree in computer science from University of Stuttgart.

Daniela Deml was led into security and communications during her three-year stay in San Diego, California. Being part of the marketing and sales department at Verimatrix, Inc. that established itself as the global no. 1 in video revenue security for connected devices. Later she consulted tech startups through an incubator program before joining ModulaTeam in strategic sales. Daniela has lived, studied and worked on three continents. She holds a B.E. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Munich. In addition she attended several abroad study programs, including the Euroman at the University of Plymouth, England and a graduate Program at the San Diego State University.


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